The Holland Company

The universe has changed over the years but history tends to repeat itself no matter the setting. 

Crisscrossing galaxies and star systems are intrepid shipping captains, their employers, several factions of militant companies and of course pirates. The goal? To control as much of the known universe as they can and to stop anyone else from achieving that goal first!


    Centuries into the future mankind has ventured into the far reaches of the universe and made countless discoveries, including the existence of other species and better forms of space travel through the wonders of their technology. Tall ships roam the open expanse of space and trade companies have formed to control the enterprises of empires!
     In such a universe only the rich rule until an upstart trade company founded by war hero John Holland enters the fray with his motley crew of pirates turned sailors. Who will reign when all the secrets come out and the ships leave port?

The Holland Company Book 2

Worlds Apart 

Coming Soon!

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