The exciting prequel to The Queen of War! 

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For generations, the Kingdom of Lotcala and the Queendom of Amazon were as close as siblings. Through the years of war and commerce, they built an alliance that allowed both monarchies to prosper. One kingdom bred from ancient raiders and a queendom known for the fiercest warriors in the world.


Never had the two become one, though a few had tired. Now, after a broken engagement, Princess Syrena of Amazon follows a path to reunite with her lost love, Prince Gabriel of Lotcala. Some doubt their future success, but perhaps love could find a way.


Fate, however, would intervene. The world knew them both as the King and Queen of Lotcala and their reign for its peacefulness. However, they had to fight before they could claim such a rule. In the earliest days of their reign, war consumed their lives.


Journey to the Falcon Coast, to a time when war between the four major monarchies threatened to destroy a thriving land. Find out what really happened during a war that saw heroes rise and fall, all in a quest to end rivalries that had spanned generations.

The Fate of Kings and Queens - Signed Hardcover