Welcome to the Carolyngian Age!

In a world in constant turmoil and change, heroes battle with steel and magic for survival and glory. With the words of gods ushering in new threats and favors only a few know that the truth is out there to rediscover and to resurrect the old ways. 

Enter a world where great empires rise and fall by the day and evil kings and queens rule in the name of fallen gods. In the Carolyngian Age, good versus evil is only the beginning!

In the Time of Standing Stones


    In an ancient land, rulers have always fought for power but when warriors from the east land on the Central Continent an upheaval of power like never before unfolds. The world turns upside down as more secrets emerge that will shake the accepted ways to their core.

    Kings Theodorif, Fenir and Haakon lead their people, the Gota, to new lands with the hopes to raid and conquer the lands but what they find instead of opportunities is an ancient evil bent of devouring the world. The once fertile lands have been damaged by centuries of war and the people are blinded by distrust and hate. It is not the lands that the three kings were promised.

    Mortal kind faces it greatest threat as the Gota have to join their force with unfamiliar faces to ensure the survival or the mortal races while trying to establish a new home for their people. Succeed and perhaps they will flourish but to fail would mean the extinction of all that was good in the world.   


The Far-Off Kingdom

A young king is tested by forces wishing to conquer his lands – and from rebels within his own kingdom!


Two hundred years after the Gota settled on the Central Continent the word has moved on – but change is coming! Queen Aiko of the Quarmi Domain wishes to cleanse the world of heretics and the Sile Emperor, Kishtos III, seeks a mythical kingdom of power. Together they help a usurper regain his family’s throne but the puppet knows the truth. The old gods are never far away when such hatred and evil surround mortals.

Join the kingdom of Lotcala, the Amazonian Queendom and their new dwarven allies as they battle the forces of evil in an attempt to protect their lands, their people and the mortal world!

In the Court of Dreams and Shadows

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The quest for revenge can make people do desperate things. Resurrecting a long dead witch to bring about the end of the mortal world is one of those desperate things.
In the mage city of Corintha, the disgraced mage Braga is hell-bent on bringing the evil witch Iodoc back from a state of living death so that the world of suffering can end and his thirst for revenge quenched. On the other side of the coin is Ionius, the corrupt Grandmaster of the Knights of the Silver Seal, who wants to rid the world of mages. The mages follow the old gods while the Knights of the Silver Seal preach the Creator but who is right?
War is brewing as the two forces, holy knights and mages, are set to collide and the stories of these two men unfold. In the middle of this war is the second class mage Sabutai and his companions that are brought together in secret to protect the innocent lives of the mortal world. A new order of knights will rise up and be the line between good and evil, doing what’s necessary to protect the mortal realm and the innocents therein. However, forces from beyond seek to play a part in the outcome of the growing conflict.
Journey into the world of the Carolyngian Age and witness what may be the final days, unless the Shrouded Guild can stop the coming darkness!


Rowena was bred for war!

Her stepmother, Queen Sirie, taught her everything that she knew about the deadly arts.

Sirie wanted a weapon to ensure her own son's place upon the throne, and Rowena was that weapon.... for a time.

A war hero, mercenary captain, mother, loving sister, and daughter. In her heart Rowena bled for her family. But was it ever enough?
Her existence was an insult that would threaten the kingdom's roots, and future.

The Fate of Kings and Queens

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For generations, the Kingdom of Lotcala and the Queendom of Amazon were as close as siblings. Through the years of war and commerce, they built an alliance that allowed both monarchies to prosper. One kingdom bred from ancient raiders and a queendom known for the fiercest warriors in the world.
Never had the two become one, though a few had tired. Now, after a broken engagement, Princess Syrena of Amazon follows a path to reunite with her lost love, Prince Gabriel of Lotcala. Some doubt their future success, but perhaps love could find a way.
Fate, however, would intervene. The world knew them both as the King and Queen of Lotcala and their reign for its peacefulness. However, they had to fight before they could claim such a rule. In the earliest days of their reign, war consumed their lives.
Journey to the Falcon Coast, to a time when war between the four major monarchies threatened to destroy a thriving land. Find out what really happened during a war that saw heroes rise and fall, all in a quest to end rivalries that had spanned generations.

The Queen of War

   Centuries after the darkness returned the oracles have grown silent as they are unable to commune with the gods. The world’s races are now left to their own devices in a world that is becoming torn apart by war.

   For Crown Princess Amelia of Lotcala life has revolved around being a soldier but soon her training and skills will be put to the test as upheavals begin to take over the kingdom. Family infighting, barbarians from the north and raiders from the east bear down on the Kingdom of Lotcala in an attempt to bring it to its knees! Aided by those close to her and her family, Amelia faces threats that others could never imagine. Will the crown princess prove her worth to the kingdom in a world torn apart by war or will she fail when her people need her most?

    Set in the darkness of the Carolyngian Age one of the greatest dynasties sets to prevent its downfall while two evil queens and a greedy elf-lord fight to see the Kingdom of Lotcala and its royal family lost to the sands of time.

The Dead Queen's War


As a deadly mage plague sweeps through one city, a second far-off city is plagued by internal power struggles from rival families that seek to topple one of the world’s most powerful families.

The Empire of Lotcala has seen its share of misfortune and war but in recent years they thought the fears from centuries ago were forgotten. When an ancient evil rises from the grave most are powerless to stop the spread of the darkness. It is now up to three unlikely companions driven by different motives to stop the coming onslaught of the plague and rival factions from killing everything they hold dear.

Witness the return of the Sybila, Queen of the Sea People, as she and her new allies battle her greatest foe, Iodoc the Dead Queen in what she hopes is the final battle. Now the battle is left up to those who can summon the courage to confront this evil queen of the dead and stop her from conquering the world.

Set in the waning centuries of the Carolyngian Age, greed and power have taken the place of honor and duty as the path to glory. Could this be the spark that the world needs to return to the days of old or are the days of old what the world should avoid?